Life Without Oil (Isn’t As Simple As You Think)

Life without oil is not as simple as you may think as renewable energy is only intermittent electricity from breezes and sunshine as neither wind turbines nor solar panels can manufacture anything for society.

Climate change may impact humanity but being mandated to live without the more than 6,000 products and the various fuels manufactured from oil will necessitate lifestyles being mandated back to the horse and buggy days of the 1800s. Life without crude oil could be the greatest threat to civilization’s eight billion residents, resulting in billions of fatalities from diseases, malnutrition and weather-related deaths.

Also, manufactured from the supply of crude oil, to meet the demands of the economy, are the fuels to move the heavy-weight and long-range needs of more than 50,000 jets for the military, commercial, private and the President’s Air Force One, and the more than 50,000 merchant ships that move products through the world.

When the public continues to demand increasing needs for the transportation fuels and the products made from crude oil, limiting the supply of oil by governments and the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) movement to manufacture those items is a guarantee for today’s shortage and inflations.

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