A.R. Merante Services

We have been representing Energy and Industrial Contractors since 1976

A.R. Merante Corporation offers Industrial Plant Connections & Resources to clients looking to establish a presence in the U.S. and Canadian industrial markets. We also cater to companies already doing business in the U.S. and want to expand their market share.

We possess over 47 years of industrial construction experience, and are recognized as professional “door openers” in our industry. Our team has the skills to facilitate your company’s efforts to develop the industrial market in The U.S. and Canada. Our resources include numerous relationships with owners, key leaders, and decision makers in the following industries:

Power Generation


Biomass & Bio Fuels

Landfill Gas


Steel Mills

Hydro Power

Oil & Gas



Cement & Mining

Food & Beverage

Pulp & Paper

Water & Waste Water



Solar & Wind

Renewable Energy

Who We Can Connect You With

Full Service Representation

In addition to getting you in the back door and past the gate keepers for the above industries, as a part of our services, we provide our clients with RFPs from private and public agencies for new projects, retrofits, maintenance, shutdowns, and outages coming out to bid that will match their scope of work.

We tailor a custom package to fit your time and budget requirements, on a cost-effective retainer.

Let’s get started today.  Contact us now to get the ball rolling to a new project.